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Individual Counselling 

Your story matters. The stories that we tell ourselves ultimately shape our experiences. If you are feeling stuck in your thoughts, relationships, feelings or behaviours, counselling can help you rewrite your story to create long-lasting change. 


Counselling isn't a one size fit all and services will be tailored to best fit your needs. I will draw on your strengths using a person centred, attached based, emotion focused and cognitive behavioural approach in my counselling. Our work together will ultimately help you feel heard and understood, giving you the tools to work through whatever challenges you might be facing. 

I have experience working with teens and adults with trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief/loss, eating disorders, life changes and women issues including perinatal, postnatal, miscarriage and infertility. 

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Couples Counselling

At the heart of being human is being in relationship with others. Often our challenges stem from being in relationship, whether with others or ourselves. Learning to live, communicate and share life with other people is a beautiful and often complex part of life. 

I have worked with couples and families in areas such communication, attachment, relationship challenges, divorce/separation, infidelity, domestic violence, anxiety and depression. Working through these challenges as a family or couple can create long lasting healing for all family members. 

Using a family system, emotion focused therapy and Gottman methods, I can work with you to connect, heal and grow in your relationships. 

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Parent Coaching and Consulting

Children's behaviour and development can be confusing and frustrating. Do you struggle with your child's behaviour, not knowing what they want or need? You do not need to feel lost with your child or your role as a parent.

You are the expert on your child and I can join and support you in your parenting journey. I have worked as an infant development consultant where I have supported families who have children with delays and disabilities. I have consulted on areas of development such as communication, challenging behaviours, toileting, sleep, gross motor, attachment and developmental delays and disabilities. 

I have experience working with children aged 0-19  who have autism, down syndrome, ADHD, behavioural issues and other developmental delays or disabilities.


I am also aware of the unique needs that families who have children with disabilities face. Whether these behaviours or diagnoses are new or old, I can support you in managing behaviours and fostering long-term positive relationships with your child. 

I work from an attachment based, positive behaviour, gentle parenting, conscious discipline and relationship focused approach to help you understand your child's development and behaviour. 

Children's Play Therapy

Children have stress too! Children also make sense of their world through play. Using a child centred approach, I work with children (and their big people!) in areas such as trauma, grief, anxiety, challenging behaviours, depression, ADHD, autism, down syndrome and developmental delays and disabilities. I have immense expertise and experience with working with children aged 0-5.

You might be wondering, what is play therapy? It is it 'just' play? Developmentally, play therapy is the most effective modality when working with children. Children are often unable to work through their emotions verbally like adults do. Instead, they play! In the therapy room, I join the child in their play to support them in making sense of their world, challenges and emotions. 

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